Training Runs



We meet on a Monday at 6.25pm opposite the Police Station on the Llandullas road in Abergele, and start the session at 6:30. The session involves a warm up, mobility exercises, strides and then some speed/pacing sessions, followed by a warm down and static stretches. The sessions are suitable for all members of any speed and are aimed at increasing pacing skills and speed.  We then chat afterwards until about 7.40!



 We meet at 6.45pm for a chat and a talk from the Captain, aiming for the slowest runners to go out before 7 with the fastest group going out after 7.20. The aim is that we all finish at about 8pm for a cool down and chat together.


Clothing / Health & Safety

Clothing to suit the time of year & conditions


Health & Safety

Running at night please make sure you are wearing a reflective Jacket, Bib, Vest, whatever just make sure you are seen!

No one should run alone, these are training runs, team up.