Border League 27th April 2011


16 Abergele Harriers took part in the final round of the Borders Road Running League held over a 4 mile course at Wrexham on Wednesday evening.


Simeon Fawcett 22m 05s - 19th

Richard Wilyman 24m exactly -  69th

Tim Cahill 24m 16s -  74th

Mark Mayers 24m 44s -  90th 

Ed Reid 26m 34s -  134th

Andy Simpson 27m 45s -  171st 

Dave Edwards 28m exactly -1 83rd

Anthony Howe 28m 10s - 186th 

Paul Thomas 28m 27s - 195th

Peter Hardy 31m 48s - 246th

John Essary 34m exactly - 268th

Alan Lucas 45m 06s - 285th


Jeni Richards 26m 56s - 146th

Chris Birch 29m 21s - 217th

Delyth Evans 32m 21s - 252nd

Dominique Jones 35m 33s - 277th


Abergele Harrier ladies managed to stay in the top division for a second season for the first time, and both Jeni Richards (LV45) and Chris Birch (LV60) won their respective age categories for the season overall.