The third round of the Borders League was held at Hoylake on Sunday.

The icy conditions gave rise to concerns for runner safety and it was decided after a delayed start to shorten the course and not include the results in the overall league tables.

Josh Dixon led the Harriers home in 3rd position. Darren Blazier finished 23rd followed by Richard Wilyman in 44th.

Mark Mayers and Andy Simpson sprinted to the line with Mark finishing 78th just ahead of Andy Simpson in 79th.

Ed Reid was 99th while Grahame Shone took it easy on the ice to finish 182nd.

John Essary and Peter Hardy finished 193rd and 194th respectively.

Emma Collins led the ladies home for 93rd overall with Christine Birch finishing 146th and Sian Hall 186th. 

  1. Dixon, Josh (M) - 26:12
  2. Blazier, Darren (M) - 28:39
  3. Wilyman, Richard (M) - 29:55
  4. Mayers, Mark (M) - 31:50
  5. Simpson, Andy (M) - 31:51
  6. Collins, Emma (F) - 32:32
  7. Reid, Ed (M) - 32:45
  8. Birch, Christine (F) - 37:00
  9. Shone, Grahame (M) - 39:39
  10. Hall, Sian (F) - 40:34
  11. Essery, John (M) - 41:47
  12. Hardy, Peter (M) - 41:49