Images of Race

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Hilary checks up all her challangers.


Kristy, Hilary and Angie all looking forward to the race, I think!


Kristy going very well early on.


Hilary with her now famous smile with Angie not far behind.


Kristy still going very well.


Hilary still smiling!


Angie concentrating!


Hilary shining brightly.


What is angie poseing for?


Kristy working hard.


Hilary enjoying the work!


Angie hot on their heels.


Richie stoops to Seans level!


Roy deciding to start backwards?


Ready for the off.


Roy hits the front early.


Still there at the end of the first field!


Sean sticking his tongue out at the camera this week, it worked for Geran last week!


Richie and Geran at the head of the bunch.


Justin going very well in his first cross-country for the club.


Rob enjoying his running.


Alan going very well.


The camera just wont accept that Sean is ahead of Mike Robins!


Grahame looking very strong.


Geran up to his usual tactics, trying to scare his team mates!


Justin looking happy with things at this stage.


Rob too!


Alan too!


But not Sean!


That explains it, Geran's not far behind!


Richie keeping ahead of Ian Carson.


Grahame ready for take-off?


Roy concentrating hard.


Justin catching up.


Alan shing brightly.


Sean in full flow.


Geran working hard.


"I'm a runner, get me out of here!"


Grahame still going very well.


Justin also.


The last hill.


It's a hill Geran, not a sprint!


Why am I still here?


Grahame knows there's not far to go.


Justin looks less happy now, but still going very well.


Roy starting to feel the pain!


Much the same eith Rob.


Alan can still manage a smile.


Roy has recovered back on the flat.


There's that smile back.


Everyone seems happier now.


Hilary, 2nd FV50.


Kristy, 3rd FV40.


Angie, 2nd FV35.


The ladies, 2nd Vet team.


All smiling now!


Grahame, 2nd V55.


Sean really is happy with 3rd V40, honestly!


Grahame, Richie and Sean, 2nd Vet team for the sevond year in a row.


Are Sean, Geran, Richie, Grahame and Roy looking for Justin as they are crowned 2nd Senior Male team?


I've got two and you've only one because I'm the oldest!


The ladies are too busy talking to look at the camera, thats someting new!


The cross-country team (minus Justin) after a very successful day at the races!